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At seventhstar we use the smallest components of nature and microorganisms to solve large problems and complex dilemmas. Our effort is to develop green and healthy natural technologies based on biotechnology and replace them with harmful chemical products, products based on oil and plastics.We believe that in this way, carbon dioxide can be reduced, natural resources can be preserved and climate pollution can be prevented. We improve the quality of your body health, enrich and nourish your food products, and optimize various industries (from agriculture to ethanol production) with the help of our enzymes, bacteria and techniques.

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Today, monoclonal antibodies are considered as one of the most important therapeutic molecules in the world, which is used in diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, inflammation and cancer, and has created a multi-billion dollar industry. Currently, 22 monoclonal antibodies have been approved by the FDA and are available in the US and many other countries and have shown a growth rate of 35% so far. Among these antibodies are antibodies such as Rituximab, Rituximab, Bevacizumab, Infliximab, Panitumumab and Cetuximab, all of which are important drugs.


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Cetuximab is a chimeric antibody (human / mouse) that contains the human IgG1 constant region and the variable moiety belonging to the mouse antibody. This monoclonal antibody binds to the EGFR epidermal growth factor receptor and inhibits this receptor and prevents EGF binding to it, which is used in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer, lung cancer and head and neck carcinoma in the absence of mutations in the kras gene. Takes. The role of intracellular EGFR signaling in colorectal cancer has been well established and therefore its inhibition has important effects on this disease.

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In the last decade, two therapeutic strategies have been developed to inhibit EGFR, the use of monoclonal antibodies and the use of small molecules that inhibit tyrosine kinase activity.

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