Bevacizumab is a cancer drug

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Bevacizumab is a cancer drug and is also known as Avastin.

Bevacizumab targets a cancer cell protein called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). This protein in cancer cells helps blood vessels to grow, so they can get food and oxygen from the blood. All cancer cells need blood to survive and grow. Bevacizumab blocks this protein and prevents blood vessels from growing around the cancer cells, so they cannot grow. Therapies that interfere with blood flow are called anti-angiogenic therapies. In recent years, favorable work on the production of these items, such as Cetuximab and several other items of monoclonal antibodies, has been done by researchers and domestic companies, and promising results have been obtained. Meanwhile, the experienced scientific team of this research group made many efforts in this regard, which eventually, with God’s help, led to the acquisition of technology for making monoclonal antibodies, and now the group intends to produce according to this ability. This drug in the country.