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Peptides are very small, or mini, proteins. Proteins are very large molecules made from connection of huge number of amino acids. A protein can be made from 50 to several hundred amino acids. If the number of these amino acid to be reduced to a few, it would be called a peptide. Many functions in the organs of the living organisms, including vital function of the body are affected and controlled by the peptides.

Thousands of types of peptides are identified in practice. These peptides play various roles in the chemistry of the body and as a result they can be classified functionally.

Some of the important peptides in the body that have significance in the cosmetics industry can play role as transmitter; meaning that they can convey different messages to cells in the body. For example, they can send messages to fibroblast cells for production of more collagen or to increase or decrease the melanin in the melanocytes.

As a result, by using peptides in skin lotions, products with real effects in anti-wrinkling, hydrating, de-aging can be produced.

Application of peptides is not limited to the cosmetics industry. Agriculture is another huge market where peptides are used. Also, other sectors like pharmaceuticals industry, aerospace industry, food industry, oil and petrochemical industry… are some of the other field related to peptides.

A significant point about the peptides is that all the identified peptides use similar production equipment and production line; so, if production units would be able to keep their research and development part active, they would practically be able to produce every type of peptides.

In this plan, in the first step 3 popular peptide products are considered, which are present in cosmetics lotions: anti-wrinkles, strengtheners and anti-oxidants.